Residential Remodeling

Summit House

We were tasked with fully renovating a 4,000 square foot, 1962 two-story home in a beautiful Summit, New Jersey neighborhood.  The home had serious cosmetic and structural problems and was in need of its first upgrade since originally constructed.  Rooms and walls were relocated, a gorgeous modern kitchen was installed and enlarged, and beams were relocated to re-distribute loads throughout the home.  Hardwood floors, dormers, composite siding, landscaping and large picture windows were also part of the construction effort.  The outcome was an amazing, modern home that the owners could be proud of.

Flood Protection and Remediation

Peckman River Wall

During Hurricane Irene in 2011, many homes along rivers in New Jersey suffered major damage.  Even properties with homes at a high elevation saw damage from flooding.  The Peckman River in Little Falls, New Jersey jumped its banks and eroded dozens of properties.  TOG was called to one home that had lost a portion of the backyard to high flows.  The owner was worried about additional erosion and potential damage to the nearby house.  TOG sent both a contractor and engineer to evaluate the site.  The team determined that a block retaining wall, with geogrid and rip-rap toe protection, was the most cost-effective and reliable solution.  During construction, the wall was tested by a 50-year storm and survived without ANY damage.  The owner now how full use of his property and peace of mind every time it rains.


Kitchens Before & Afters








Bathrooms Before & Afters

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