TOG knows that it is the small details that makes a job go from average to unforgettable.



We live off of referrals.  Our clients pass on that we are trustworthy, get the job done right, and deliver great results on time and on budget.

Well Managed

Our reputation relies on satisfied customers and happy employees.  Both require well managed site with excellent communication.



Home and Commercial Construction

TOG Construction Company recognizes how important it is to provide our customers with the product that works best for them. When remodeling a new bathroom, kitchen or an entire building we are understanding of both your budget and mindful of the adjacent spaces for uniformity.  Never wanting to over or under-sell an owner, we look for the the right fit for their job.


TOG has been responsible for small drainage system improvement on residential properties and for large-scale flood control projects for clients like the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC).  Drainage systems are never "off the shelf" and require considerable expertise to match the site-specific needs of our clients.

TOG, along with our retained Professional Engineer, understand local characteristics like soil type, slope, land use cover, and other factors that impact runoff.  We make sure that your design provides that level of protection that you are seeking for your property, whether to relieve water pressure on your retaining wall, reduce harmful seepage to your basement, or the prevent slope failure in your yards.

TOG has the capability to design and build wet and dry floodproofing for commercial and residential buildings, flood control structures like dams, levees and culverts, and to construct regional flood control systems for municipalities.



Construction Management

TOG Construction has experience in all six components of traditional construction management (CM).  These components include Project Management Planning, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Contract Administration, and Safety Management.   Our goal is to always deliver to our clients what they want, when they want it for the price they were promised.  Our staff will make sure that both the labor and materials for your project meet the quality and safety standards initiated at the start of the job.  We will closely monitor your project to identify change orders, negotiate disputes, monitor correspondence, maintain proper documentation, ensure permit compliance, and to keep you informed throughout the process.